Coronavirus 08.06.2020

  1. Only patients who do not have fever or flu symptoms themselves or those around them come to us.
  2. Disinfectant for hand disinfection was provided at all entrances.
  3. Our consultation hours were reduced in patient density to keep the number of patients in the waiting room as low as possible.
  4. For safety reasons, relatives accompany our patients only in individual cases in order to keep the number of people in our clinic low.
  5. At present, we do not carry out all examinations that are not absolutely necessary.
  6. Plexiglas panels have been attached to all examination units.
  7. After each patient an alcohol disinfection of all units is carried out.
  8. All necessary examinations are performed without skin contact, if possible.
  9. For examinations or measures that do not allow a distance of 1.5m, the staff wear masks.

Thanks for taking note.
We wish you all the best and that you will face this worrying time healthy, fearless and positive.

Your clinic team