Retinal tear

Argon laser treatment of retinal tear


    Probable course with treatment: prevention of retinal detachment by local “welding” of the retina to the underlaying structures..
    Probable course without treatment: possible development of retinal detachment, which would need to be treated with surgery.

    No other effective treatments are known.


    The treatment is performed in a sitting position, the eye is desensitized with drops. By means of a so-called “argon laser”, green light is directed into the eye through a contact lens. The targeted light spots on the retina cause a desired scarring. The treatment is usually performed in several sessions. Laser treatment is a “light treatment”, not a radiation treatment. The attending physician determines the treatment and care plan after surgery.


    Sometimes, minor bleeding occurs during laser treatment, but it resolves on its own. Laser treatment may be somewhat painful, but this varies greatly from patient to patient.

    Possible surgery-specific complications: very rarely, there is washout of connective tissue cells in the eye after laser treatment. These can form a thin membrane in front of the central retina, which can lead to a reduction in vision. In case of subjective impairment, this membrane can be surgically removed.