Entropion is a malposition of the eyelid, usually the lower one. The eyelid is turned inward, so that the eyelashes drag on the cornea


    Entropion, i.e., lower eyelid is turned inward with possible rubbing of eyelashes on cornea

    • Anticipated course with treatment:
      Lower eyelid is back in normal position, and cornea is no longer in danger
    • Probable course without treatment:
      Continued discomfort, possible damage to cornea, possible corneal inflammation and scarring.

    Treatment alternatives: Sticking lower eyelid outward and downward with adhesive plaster.


    The eyelid is brought into the correct position by the sutures. Depending on the size of the eyelid, sometimes the eyelid is slightly shortened and tightened during the operation.

    Treatment and care plan after the operation according to the attending physician.

    • Temporary and permanent health limitations that are likely to occur as a result of the surgery:
      Temporary: lower eyelid protrudes slightly from the eye.
    • Possible general complications:
      Infection in the suture area (rare) or small bruise.
    • Possible surgery-specific complications:
      Recurrence: repeat surgery is possible.