Ectropion is an acquired malposition of the eyelid with an outward rotation


    The lower eyelid is turned outward and mostly elongated.

    • Probable course with treatment:
      After initial swelling, the eyelid is back against the eyeball.
    • Probable course without treatment:
      Corneal problems with possible infection and scarring; possible tearing.

    No other effective treatments are known.


    The eyelid is brought into the correct position by sutures. Depending on the size of the eyelid, it is sometimes slightly shortened and tightened during the operation.

    Treatment and care plan after the operation according to the attending physician.

    • Temporary and permanent health limitations that are likely to occur as a result of the surgery:
      Temporary: swelling of the lower eyelid, feeling of tightness.
    • Possible general complications:
      Hemorrhage infection especially in the scar area.
    • Possible surgery-specific complications:
      Insufficient correction, though rare., The original problem recurs  infrequently. Occasionally, “overcorrection”, e.g. eyelid is first inward, then outward; all situations can be re-operated if necessary.