Coronavirus: 16.03.2020

Due to the current situation, we have been receiving a large number of questions and concerns regarding the possible risk of contracting the coronavirus. We would therefore like to provide you with some information below:

  • Strict adherence is paid to hygienic measures at our clinic. This includes asking all patients about their state of health, ensuring that waiting times are short and that our waiting rooms are not crowded as well as providing shorter examination procedures, depending on requirements. Moreover, disinfectant is available to you throughout our facilities.
  • The risk is increased especially in public transport on the way to our practice. For that reason, we would like to ask that you come by an alternative means of transport whenever possible (car or taxi).
  • Since an end to the current situation is not yet in sight, as long as the risk is still acceptable, it is probably better to continue your treatment so as to avoid any deterioration in your vision due to not receiving therapy and to have the option of suspending therapy later.

Irrespective of the points listed above, it is and remains your decision as to whether you wish to come to us for your examination. In any case, we guarantee you treatment that is safe according to all guidelines and thus the best possible in this difficult to assess situation. We are, of course, always available to answer any questions you may have. 

We thank you for your trust,

Your Berne Eye Clinic